my billums.i love them.all bought at fleamarkets. 2 in the same month recently in tokyo.the others from camberwell market more than 10 years ago.
now im keeping my eyes out for a cast iron tape dispenser like this.something about cast iron and fluro pink masking tape delights me.or any masking tape.and hana gets so frustrated when the tape cutter moves as shes trying to tear it off.
blahh blahh.


hiki said...

Oh the word "camberwell market" just made me smile - i have helped a stall a few times there :)

Have you checked this nanbu iron tape dispenser from Jugen Lehl?
I'm not sure if it would be stable enough but it's a beauty. Also this acrylic tape dispenser from Muji is excellent for masking tapes, so easy to use and my little niece loves it too.

(i don't mean to be pushy but thought you might be interested!)

melindatrees said...

oh isnt it a great market...maybe i bought something from your store!
i know the jurgen lehl one from the website but i wanted the nichiban one so i could fit my little masking tapes onto it.
the muji one is good for me, i will just keep an eye out for my dream one.
thankyou for your links.
hope you had a great (warm) has been freezing!!

anna said...

bilum, now there's a great word.
my fashion-ey sister taught me peplum recently. try to use them in a sentence soon...

melindatrees said...

now that would be an impressive sentence anna.i had to google peplum....