little hana with her friend oden.
cherry blossoms out my window.
picnic in the park.yamano san with gold nasa endorsed blanket.


hiki said...

Wow you can have ohanami from your room, that's so lovely!!! I wish I can see some sakura out my window but there is none....
Hana-chan is soooooo cute :)

manda said...

wow. blossoms and hana extremely beautiful. you should get a cat. x

momo said...

hana chan mo oden mo so cute! Is oden guinea pig or hare?

happy spring to you.

melindatrees said...

yep hiki, i stay in this old apartment for this tree.
amanda i dont need a cat.
momo oden is the strangest looking guinea pig ive ever seen.her hair grew in all different directions giving here this cute spike.i wanted to pocket her..
hana is cute, ill tell her you think so.xx
and happy spring autumn to you!

The Golden Smith said...

I am going to need one of those gold blankets!
(for my space mission...)
where do I get one? Tokyo?

melindatrees said...

golden smith i'll get back to you.somewhere in tokyo yep.