happy easter

we woke up far to early without me knowing it.but got to feel the sun coming up.mmmm.hana said easter bunny is so sweet for leaving her she is pecking my head with her hen or maybe rooster.

and our neighbours tonight are having hanami in their room, spot lights on the cherry blossoms.makes nice viewing from the futon.


ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

wow, the cherry blossoms look beautiful there! Love the shadow photo of you and hana, she is so beautiful!

vedacat said...

hello aunty melinda
i like the photo's you have taken and the cherry blosoms are so amazing and i wish i could be there with you to really see them

love Veda

jodywong said...

hello melinda

what a lovely blog you have. going to put up photos of the ping pong house? i am, soon.
we should flea market some time. any good ones on this weekend?
enjoy the sun today.

ps. hello to hana!