fate sent me here today. and here was far away and with not much else around. an exhibition of textiles and original drawings, paintings etc by katsuji wakisaka. we were on our way to a park and the poster at the entrance caught my eye.the invitation has been sitting on my kitchen table for a month but i had no idea how to get there or where there was.
if you live in tokyo or kanagawa or anywhere if you are really keen, the exhibition is worth happening upon. it finishes this sunday go here for details.
the photos being a big no no were an accident of course.
he has worked for marimekko and now sou sou . the pile of hundreds of postcards he sent daily to his wife, all handpainted, were so impressive.i bought that sad.
the weather is so so heavy.eating a whole bag of wasabi broad beans doesnt help.nor does macadamia haagen daaz.lucky my little hana likes her icecream too so we can share.

hana with birds nest and clip taking in the view from above.


anth said...

I want some wasabi broad beans, or some green tea ice cream from the dodgey japanese version of 7eleven up the road from you.

melindatrees said...

i ll bring some with me soon :-) and i want you to clear the stuff off your couch or floor for us to sleep on.

anth said...

Melinda melinda melinda, you know i have a blow up mattress. Manda rang me today and gave me the news, so excited. Make sure you bring those plants with you hehe

Loretta said...

omgggg, news, what news????????? "sob" see what happens when i am at work all day i miss out on the NEWSSSSSSS..