last night hana and i went to the exhibition opening of australian architect glenn murcutt.i didnt get to see much of the show but i will go back for that.we spent most of the time stuffing our faces and playing with his granddaughter cute she blonde and her eyes brilliant blue.hana and her played and kissed and hana was fascinated that she was having booboo but hana wasnt.thankgod i wore a the time i was saying poor hana i should have worn a skirt.i really have to make an effort for hana to have some friends the same age.i can see how much she loves them.she was saying alice alice on the way home nearly falling asleep. so we ate salads, cheeses, lasagna, fruits, small assorted desserts.hana dirtied her nappy 3 times before 8am this morning.thats a record.i didnt even hear the speeches and missed my chance to meet the therese rein , kevin rudds wife, who opened the show.i was really looking forward to showing mum a photo more so than meeting her.. and i didnt get to ask mr murcutt (or congratualte him) if i could have the house he keeps spare or even just a room.

but it was was fun to come out at dark with lights everywhere and hana to go woww.and the train home thats never fun.neither is the humidity.none of glenn murcutts houses he designed have airconditioning.the way they are designed they dont need it. today i am organising this room.i cant call it a house.i want to empty over even cleaning the cupboards.and i added little boxes which soak up the humidity.
how am i ever going to own a house? i have to ask myself this question often.or one like it anyway.


manda said...

that sounds like a fun inspiring night.

Suse said...

Sounds like a great exhibition.

Gorgeous photos too!