added to my morning ritual of folding futons and coffee making and nappy changing etcetc is sliding a door 30cm at around 9 ish to let the sun dance rainbows on the wooden beam and if im lucky warm my toes.
had a meeting today about new patterns and it went well.

i have a green light and i need to speed.i didnt realise that next week is the start of december.and my next meeting with developed ideas is the 2 of december.oh dear.and friends visiting tomorrow the next day and the day after.i really want to cancel partly because i have a problem with schedules and socialising but i know it is really better for me and hana not too. i am such a hermit. and the house really does need a clean.which saddens me that it takes someone to come over for me to really look at the renovating just because you are going to sell.maybe not.

i did buy hana some beautiful flowers today including some little berries as she has a fascination with all things round /small and favourite she says. i was feeling pink after the meeting. and hana is also liking playdough.


Kaela Noel said...

hi, i came to your blog via manteli, and i just want to say i enjoyed looking through it a lot-- i especially love this post, with the prisms...really good. and the picture on your banner now is magic. i'm glad you take the time to do this, it's beautiful.


manda said...

that was a nice wander in your world.

Anonymous said...

mark the date 20th december Paino xmas party !!! hope to see you there invite in the mail, book the flight now xoxoxo love anita

melindatrees said...

thankyou kaela noel :-)