anthony has gone. we mastered tempura. we hung out. and i smiled and laughed and coughed like i havent in a long time.

why did this happen.i remember the day it happened that hana pulled off one of these little green socks and threw it from her pram.i dont know the moment or else the sock wouldnt have been lost. i was tired of retracing steps and this time it was nearly impossible because i had just gone down a really steep i gave up and was sad because i really loved those socks.this was probably a year the other day i was looking in a select shop selling beautiful products from all over japan. the choice was really special.glassware, lacquer ware, textiles etc.a man i knew was working there and perhaps the buyer too.i was talking to him at the counter when i noticed a little green sock sitting there with a small selection of other was hanas sock.definately.who knows if he could believe it but i know it was.the shop is in the hotel where koichi had his office, is in the same area where we lost the sock.but the shop is new.someone handed it in at the hotel.something is lost in translation but anyway it was strange and he wanted to give it to me but i insisted he keep it.anyway i dont know where the other one now just occured to me that maybe that is the other one? maybe one is still on the hill.

and do i need to tell you that i am a little mental at the moment?

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breathe, in, out, in, out,