anth posting again, bare with me...........
Miss Melindas indoor Birthday Aquarium

As the Lady voice over on the train continually tells me when we arrive, SHIBUYA SHIBUYA

This is a game i like to call what are they thinking???? Bloody hell Hana, if we have to take Uncle Anthony to another fricken rice cracker shop...Grrrr

I finally found a nice quite spot in a Temple/Garden in Kyoto. Not a sharply dressed, polite japanese person, or bewildered tourist in sight. Have had sensory overload in the past week, not complaining as its been exciting. People who know me, know im a quiet boy most of the time and i love my space, so even though it was only fifteen minutes to myself hidden away in this garden, it was better than a cold beer after 10 days in the desert.

p.s been 2 more small earthquakes occur and excessive amounts of japanese sweets consumed since last post,


melindatrees said...

anthony i told you not to shake the camellias off the trees. and i wasnt thinking that at all, maybe hana was but not me.

Loretta said...

sounds to me like its fun overload happening there.. x x