OMG!!!!!!!!!! The above pictures really dont represent the day we had, however there isnt enough room in melindas toilet for me and the camera, otherwise i would of happily taken a photo of me shitting myself. Ok maybe i might be slightly overdoing it, but you try sitting in the kitchen while the house your in starts to shake with objects falling from the shelf next to you. Thats right, ive been on this strangly shaped Island (japan) for all of three days and what do i get welcomed with, EARTHQUAKE!!!!!! Now it wasnt long or big enough to have me diving for the kitchen table, and melinda and hanna were busy scrubbing each others backs in the shower to notice untill the final stages, but mr earthquake seriously had the building moving and me questioning my decision not to get travel insurance.
Mel and Han have been taking me exploring the local shops and parks, also lots of eating and eating over last few days, its been fun, however being on holidays you would think that the last place you would end up at is back at school. I found myself at the University of Train Transport Japan today. My Lecturer for today was Professor Melinda. Must say i didnt listen much initially, and i started getting dizzzy staring at all the different coloured train loops, but by the end of the day i was a A student. Managed to travel to a few different towns by myself tonight on train, Shibuya was the biggest, or should i say massivest. My one Night in the Rat Race of Japan will probably tide me over for the rest of my life. Im looking forward to going to Kyoto and exploring potterys、and taking photos of more beautiful cherry blossoms, will never get sick of them. Melindas cold getting better, so hopefully she will have enough enegry soon to regain control of her blog, thats if me let her, hehe. ANTH X
Oh yeah, also went to the Jap Pokies today, what a weird place that is, didnt bother playing but cos couldnt find the panther dollar machine.


manda said...

so fun for you :-)
and so happy i missed the earthquake experience
keep blogging anth, you are a star at it

Loretta said...

Oh, must say even reading your earthquake experience made me laugh Anth. Pleaseee get with the times, panther was out ages ago.. Glad to hear melinda on the mend. x x x x x