Well the bearded beast has arrived. After an extremely painfull - 2 seven hour plane flights, a six dollar shower at singapore and a run in with airport security over contact lens solution, i made it. My poor sistas journery to come meet and wait for me was nearly as long, seven hours. Pilot was doing laps above Tokyo for 45 mins before he would land, said something about wind too strong, wateva, personally i think he wanted to see the end of the in flight movie, The Golden Compass. LAME. Difficult to belive im here, didnt spend much time thinking about coming, so its like i just woke up in another country. Mel and Hanna havnt changed much, especially Melinda, you should of seen her dive for the easter eggs when i opened my suitcase. After one day, few things me noticed about Japan. Locals are very gentle, kind, friendly, lots of them, streets are small and cute, lots of nice shops, OMG the food = heaven, coffe in a can out of a vending machine not bad, taxi drivers are wanna be rally drivers, dont have to wear seat belts, cherry blossoms beatiful, melinda made stock out of a guinea pig, lol kdding, she reckons it was chicken. Have no idea what im going to see or experince over next two weeks, but im sure it will be unreal and if i can get away with only putting on 10kgs ill be happy. Love you all. Anth


manda said...

oh god anth. if you werent my brother would you marry me or melinda lmao ..we have our own soulepapa dont you think minda?
and you probably were eating guinea pig ;-)

Loretta said...

What a cool picture of you all and such a good blogger you are anth. Melinda, nice to see you looking better than the last pict i saw of you. Anth, enjoy your adventure, with the sounds of so far, no doubt you will . x x

punk said...
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