some things that make me happy

cold air and sunshine, clean sheets, hot waterbottles (filled), fleamarkets, essential oils, herbs, clean floors, empty spaces, hana, travel, my mum, my mums dog, seeing my mum with her dog, my mums soup, my mums handkerchief drawer, my sister, my sister pulling up at my mums driveway to pick me up, hana healthy, hana happy, bikeriding, the smell of art shops, the smell of health food shops, organic food, wholistic care, beatiful clothes that fit, letters, dreaming.
inspired by manda and kate


manda said...

big smile :-) i love your happy list x

Kate said...

I love your happy list too.
I am amazed at how contagious these random happy writings are. I just read through your list and now I feel happy and ready to tackle my day.
Thank you.
! I hope your week is happy and wonderful. X

Tracy aka Mad Quilter said...

A very happy list, lots on there that make me happy too

hannna said...

i'm happy about those too (well except the personal stuff... my mum doesn't have a dog. she'd like one though!) where did you get the himmeli book, is it sold in book shops?