last night i finished our advent calender.hana helped me cut the numbers.when she went to bed i needed her help to finish.her wonkiness couldnt be replicated.
when i woke up koichi had opened up until day 5! .....
i stuck them down.
the stickers hana got werent as satisfying as the doll she imagined would jump out of the paper.
the tree comes inside on the s outside having a drink from the sky.


Hanna Päivikki said...

hei melinda.
you and hana made such a nice calendar! and nice to have a tree coming inside. maybe we'll have a tree too.

it's funny that not so long ago i was there and now i'm not. now i of course miss many things from there. is the winter cold? here it is, but nice to have snow.

have a good december.

jeremy dower said...

cute! thats so nice. You could sell them.
I guess koichi had never used a christmas calendar before...

I hope you have a nice december too.
You holiday photos were nice too. Hana looks so japanese in that big onsen pool thing with a slide.
Its not long now before kayo and I move back to japan!

manda said...

i love your calender..hana is funny. as is koichi. we got our tree yesterday, our house smells divine and im delaying the decorating overload for as long as possible :-) happy weekend xx

hiki said...

Ooooo how cute!
This post made me smilecandadje really big :)

hiki said...

oops, the word i put for verification went in the comment, how? i don't know....

hannna said...

Oh nice! I'm using the same calendar for 3rd year in a row now. Next year little V needs his own.

I was thinking about the himmeli book, we're making a collaboration himmeli with the village art association next week. I don't know if anyone will come though... I thought I need to own that book! I saw some BEAUTIFUL straw decoration in town the other day. That's what I want to do now.

I'm quite obsessed with coffee all the time, it's a symbol for a private moment which doesn't really happen.

Did Hana start yôchien?

melinda said...

hanna- hi, your calender is so super beautiful.i wish i could hold it if that makes sense.
not so way near as cold as i imagine it is there!
i love snow.theres not enough white in tokyo. hope you have a good december too.
jeremy-i cant wait until you get here.hurry up.but i still dream about moving into your house.
manda-the tree made it inside has a little too much on it.. but hana is a decorating queen.
hiki-that was funny.
hannna- oh my god coffee is defintately that symbol.sometimes i drink it knowing i dont even want the coffee..
i like a reusable advent calender.mine is no way ideal but better than nothing for hana i think.she starts kinder april :-/

i hope you show and tell of the himmeli collaboration.sounds wonderful.wish i could come.
the book is beautiful her writing is very nice i imagine.i need to get koichi to translate it.
hopefully my straw will come tomorrow.i also ordered materials to make straw you make those?at the moment i am having fun clearing out all the stuff i dont want in my house to make way for straw crafting..weird.
hope your nest is warm and merry.

ashley said...

that's the nicest looking advent calendar I have ever seen!

melindatrees said...

thanks ashley :-)