saturday morning breakfast.forgot to take a photo of the foods we ate.
went with friends from australia i havent seen for 6 suprised how much their kids have grown.hana played so happily.
i have a sore throat.possibly allergic to my apartment or maybe i am run down and serioulsy anemic. have been sculling ginger concotions.i love ginger.
bought a new christmas tree.cut up the dead one with my neighbours tough swiss army knife.that was a bit sad.hana was a little traumatised by the whole thing..


momo said...

the tree! what an amazing design to keep the tree that way.
I am having an allergy like reaction today too. Runny nose and itchy eyes. annoying.

friends visiting you in Japan sounds nice. I have asked some people to come and stay with us or in a caravan at our back yard for the summer(here) holiday but looks like nobody is coming this time..never mind. we will still have fun. hope you had a nice weekend.

manda said...

hi mtp ..that sounds like fun, i could imagine hana the little butterfly :-) how nice would it be to have a treehouse...not a tall gum tree though :-O x x