weekend pools

indigo vats (plant derived!) Matsuba
hot spring (with slide!) Nasu


momo said...

nasu kogen?
Such a lovely view and roten buro!
love those peels hangings. Am drying daikon for kiriboshi here.

have a lovely day, Melinda.

www.jeremydower.com said...

wow, that looks good! Did you see any dying happening?

anna said...

for a second i thought you were dying hana indigo!
where is that? it looks lovely.

kelly said...

we did some indigo dying last month! stinky but nice.
that onsen looks soooo good!

manda said...

oh goodness....a little different to our backyard indigo bucket! beautiful hana x x x

melindatrees said...

momo-hi.yes we went to nasu and mashiko in tochigi. the kaki peel and fruit were from the ryokan called kita onsen in nasu.that was really boro boro,, hidden and interesting.they were drying daikon too.i will post the picture for you.
jeremy-i only saw it hanging outside still wet.i bought a beautiful tenugui.they did resist dyeing as well.
anna-haha.hana would be into that.the dyeing was in a pottery town called mashiko.
looking forward to your exhibition.
kelly-did you! so did i in australia.was so much fun.i had my tiedyed bonds singlet underneath when i visited this place on sunday :-)
manda-i thought of you the whole time.

ashley said...

that hot spring looks amazing!