hana and hanna s exhibition is so beautiful!! lovely to see the work up close.i fell in love with hanna s dandelion bits plate..
one good thing about not being able to go back to australia was i was able to go to the opening and meet hana and hanna.


Hanna Päivikki said...

aa melinda. you are so nice! thank you. it was also one of my favourite things that night to meet you. i hope we'll meet again. maybe in finland..

wonder if hana got the duck?

actually that pretty dandelion is other hana's :)

i didn't know you can colour with sunflower seeds!

marie said...

wow the exhibit looks so good!

hiki said...

Oooooo this looks really lovely!
I love this shop biotope :)
Now I feel I've got to get there, though this heat makes me want to go nowhere really!!!

manda said...

that would have been nice :-) x

mieke willems said...

lucky you to be able to have been there! it looks fantastic!

melindatrees said...

hi hanna,
have you made it back safely? it was so nice to meet you too and see your works.that is nice that hana has your special plate.i saw her on sunday at the art book fair.i imagined you were on the plane.
i hope i see you in finland one day.i really really want to go.
my hana got a pink balloon istead of the duck.she was happy with it.
i still have the bag of sunflower fabric to dye.but i read that i can make a red brown or blue dye from them.
anyway, hope you settle in and enjoy your morning swims.x

Hello Sandwich said...

This was a beautiful exhibition wasn't it! Hiki-chan and I went a few days ago on the last day!
Oh I wish I got to meet you!