will have to take a photo of the plants before they finish.its been fun to pick them daily.the raspberry and blueberry gave us no fruits.i think my soil has too much compost in sunflowers are about to flower and they are only 40 dill is struggling.the chocolate cosmos rather than going to seed, looks like the flower heads have melted.
oh well.cant get too attached if i head to australia soon no doubt they will shrivel within a day of my departure.i should bring them all inside and put them in the bath.
that way when koichi showers with cold water he can water them too.

i wore my nearly dead manon van kouswijk necklace today.i love this necklace.all the white stickers are turning varying shades of brown.
i went to an izakaya for dinner and ate finely sliced raw onion dipped in poznu.very bad idea.
i watched kamome shokudo today.havent seen it in ages and loved it all over again.what i was really craving was onigiri.


hannna said...

greetings from the kamome shokudo town!
we were going to have sushi today.
onigiri is the best snack.
it's hot here too. very hot in this beautiful flat we're staying in. our house doesn't get hot.

jeremy said...

hey melinda,
you know, I think you need a bigger pot for your plants, a large deep container would be good, it would retain water for longer, (not dry out on hot days) and the roots could stretch out a bit further, especially the sun flower, you could use a storage bin or something maybe.

we watched a series recently called 'Suica' about a bunch of ladies living in a guest house together. It's not by the Kamome shokudo person, but much of the cast is the same, including Ichikawa mikako... you might be interested, its a similar atmosphere, only TV not movie.

btw, I love your wool soup photo! it would be great to take a shot with a full frame camera and blow it up really big!

and the egg carton goggles are cool too!


manda said...

i think berries take a few years to start making lots of berries...we only got a couple on our blueberry for its first year in our dirt. i like jeremys idea...bigger pots/more dirt. nice for you to have beautiful plants and i like your pink nailpolish xx

hiki said...

my plants are not going so well this year either, could be the weather? i don't know.

lucky you flying away from the tokyo's terrible summer! wish i could do the same but i'm stuck here.

everytime i watch kamome shokudo i can't stop thinking about onigiri, oh i wish someone will make me a good onigiri! it always tastes a lot better when someone makes it for you! haha :)

melindatrees said...

hanna, youre in helsinki? having a holiday? is there a place that serves such oishii sou japanese food in helsinki?
jeremy, youre right, i do need bigger pots.i actually have quite a few now.hence the struggle to enter and leave my house.i thought about taking over the second floor balcony.
i want to watch that series.ive seen bits of it.did it have english subtitles?
manda, ill bring my nailpolish.its bouganvillia pink!
hiki,i agree about onigiri.i made it tonight for myself and was when they bite into them on the movie and the crunch of the nori sounds so delicious.
sorry you are stuck here for summer.the worst is nearly over isnt it??

momo said...

I have now got some Japanese DVDs to watch in Australia but tend to watch Kamome without even thinking. Onigiri is the key, I think.

I watched Megame finally. Same director. and some same faces plus Mikako.
I quite liked it even it has a lot of bad reveiws. Great red scarf!
Have you watched it? Great kitchen too.