so, my faithful mac is in pieces.after an unsuccessful trip to a fleamarket monday(public holiday) morning, after losing the auction for the below tshirt the night before, i opened the front door to find my computer sitting in a puddle of water as hana had just kicked over a glass whilst attempting to hide from me.tomorrow i have to take it to the genius bar at the mac shop and hopefully its not dead.im thinking it is.i tried to turn it on.when it was still wet.which i read is like throwing a hairdryer in a full bath.not empty bath.now im using one borrowed from my lovely neighbour.he has 5.he loves apple.he went to a steiner school and has feet 30cm long.he is climbing fuji san tonight and live streaming it.
so for now i cant add photos, maybe not for a while... and i have some really good ones to show of a tree house.


manda said...

oh that sucks alot. and its funny you get all the spunky neighbours.

melindatrees said...

ahh you liked morris didnt you ;-) in flemington barnaby do you remember him?

manda said...

nope i dont remember barnaby...but you do it seems ;-)