finally.ive been shaking my head all day wondering how soulemama finishes sweaters in a week. its taken me god knows how many to finish these.i knit this pattern for hana in orange and purple.i love this pattern.i love making the bobbles.knitting and purling one way, knitting back the other way then slipping the stitches.people who make write knitting patterns fascinate me.


manda said...

those bobbly type boottees are my favourite too. you did well....at least you made them! id like a pair of knee high indigo coloured socks in bobble pattern in my size please :-) x

marie said...

wow great!!

Solar Oven said...

Me too. I would love to have the skills to write a knitting pattern. Such are my (very average) knitting skills that I tend to follow knitting instructions whilst clinging on to every last printed detail for dear life!