my long nails have anyone can stand having them intrigues me.i painted them a pink lavender colour and they havent yet chipped.
hana needs new warm clothes.i want to knit for her but wool really annoys her so i may have to mix cotton with angora or mohair silk.would that work?

i gave over my book project on friday. i left the cover until the day before.never judge a book by its cover.i hope people wont judge mine. the cover is quite different to the rest.
i received a huge supply of heavenly incense today.stemming from the one packet of premium sandlawood koichi bought from sf.stupidly i ordered sandalwood and astral sandal but not premium which turns out to be premium so i will make another order.i have though, a really nice smelling room. yesterday i left the house in such a hurry i forgot my key. i had to get in through the bathroom window (after i removed it with the lady down the roads screwdriver).i have a black tiedyed leg remind me of these. i have to fix the window too.arnica aint gonna do it.

tonight hana and i went to a fleamarket at claska. the stalls are few but interesting and i have always found good things.tonight a bought a pair of knitted pants from the same girl i bought my purple shoes from last time.these pants are a little itchy but i can see them as part of my uniform this winter. the moss stitch detail is beautiful.mum would love them.

hana got a baby hotwater bottle.she is asleep with it now.
i went to omotesando the other night with hana and returned at peak train time (i think). i will never do that again.i got off and people must have thought i was a crazy woman mumbling to myself and shaking my head.i was standing there thinking surely nobody else will get on and at least 7 more people was awful.hana was in the pram thank goodness, she was kind of sheltered.

im going to bed with mario.i swear its giving me rsi playing ds lying down but i love it.if i had a bedlamp maybe id read.but i dont and i love mario.and i just opened level 7.i even do google searches on hints.i need a conversation with sindri.


manda said... are so funny and i love you and miss you and i love mario too....i wish they would bring out a new one. what was hana thinking as you were climbing through the window hehheee. x

Hello Sandwich said...

wow you are super brave! and the markets at claska sound so fun! I want to go to them next time I'm in Tokyo! xxx