it was delicious but really i need to stop going there for a while.they give us free cake is really too good to be so close to where i live.i got dressed maybe 3 times this morning and nothing felt comfortable.nothing pretty did anyway, just the clothes that make me look like a labourer, and feel like one.
ok more sweets.good thing a have a suitcase of san francisco rainbow food coming list was 3 pages.hopefully if he delivers i will be making some heat bags and putting my patchouli leaf to some smelly concotions soon.i cant wait to finish this book.i want to knit.i want to go on an aeroplane.unfortunately i cannot knit on an aeroplane.
this weekend hana and i went to 2 fleamarkets.from one i got some navy blue clothes.and then todays surprise one (such good karma for riding far away to take hana to a toy shop) i found this huge kokeshi.i wanted to give it to manda but hana said it is the mother of her other.i also bought some rhubarb! actually grown in japan.hana helped me cut it and the apples.yum.the same woman had those sweet little fruits in lanterns that farmer ben gave me in berkley.
the other day a typhoon knocked over a huge tree in front of our bedroom window.the noise was lightning.but theroots were so short.which is why it probably fell over.probably the same grubs that have been eating all the roots of everything in my pots :-(
i didnt buy the saving.

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