i spent saturday and night here by myself.did little drawing but lots of bike riding and
such a shame they dont let children in there.i nearly didnt visit them because of it.but i did, and their crepes are so fantastic i went back sunday for the the sweet version. broke the local convenience store copy machine by shoving acetate into it.escaped because i was too scared to face the consequences.not my convenience store anymore.found a very cooperative copier a little far away but a nice ride that takes me through an area i dont normally go.
also bought a branch of wattle.very smelly one, house really smells like mimosa how nice.washed the floors and realised how filthy they are.enjoyed picking my little one up from the station and the big leap into my arms.


momo said...

Jacarandas are blooming here at the moment. hanami soon.
I bought the same soen as well and I do not really buy fashion magazine. The reason I bought was I was at the airport, last chance and saw m.p. and lovely stitches in it!

nice light there. Is it light coming through the curtain or something?

melindatrees said...

i love beautiful.the typhoon knocked over a huge tree outside my window this cracked like lightning.scarey datta!
the light is shining through a stencil i made a lond time ago but i recycling scraps for the ehon.