stuff anyone still there?
i've popped in to tell you about my shop.
it is only for a couple of weeks.
hopefully i will have enough time to clear out some of this stuff i have laden myself down with.
i wish i had the energy for a market stall, or a pop up shop or more friends to give it to.
i also wish shipping charges werent so crazy.
please take a look.

i am in tokyo at the moment.laying quite low.
it is cold which makes that easy and hard.
we will go to australia the end of this month for a long while i suppose.
or until another plan arises.
i will tell you about it when i am there.
right now all my energy goes other places.


hyemi said...

Still here :-)
I hope you're well.

anna said...

still here! looks like i missed your garage sale. i've been thinking about doing this with my old clothes.

kelly said...

:-)...I still check your blog often..
goodluck with the shop :-)

hannna said...

Hi Melinda,
I wonder when this was. I thought of you and saw this just now, today, it is July 16th (or 15th or 17th).

Warm greetings, hope you're ok.


My Love Wedding Ring said...

Still here:)
Hope all goes well with the shop!!