things to be happy about.

bunch of dill flowers from sunday organic vegie van that parks just near my house.
wisteria putting on a show.

hammocks and hammock bike in nearby park to play with
very good crepe and a daughter to teach me to draw.


momo said...

organic veggie van? Sounds great!
and hammock bike?! have to see all.

hannna said...

you cant believe how much i'd like to be there. i'm repeating myself. it's good here too right now. beautiful sunset. kids asleep. deadline done.

oh now i see the title of this post!

manda said...

beautiful flowers... id love to be there too... or you here xxxx

melindatrees said...

momo-he showed me a photo of it opened out, looked great.hoshii.
if i find the link i will send it to you.
hanna-a few more deadlines done a few more pennies.i hope your tokyo cravings are satisfied before littlest ones 2yr birthday.
i would love to see the sunset in your part of the world.

anna said...

that wisteria looks amazing. on the way to meet you, nobuko and i were saying that your photos often look dreamy and soft focused...and we were planning on asking you what the trick is, but then forgot. whats the trick?

melindatrees said...

anna, just a very dirty old digital camera.but i recently was given a newer cleaner one and im struggling with clarity.

eyewitness said...

Beautiful flowers.

Nicely captured as well !