and completely unrelated, today hana and i were caught in very heavy rain on my bike.made me realise how little shelter there is from my house to nakameguro, apart from the train bridge.but it was getting boring waiting we got so drenched.i was lucky to be able to see.and luckily i got a plastic bag from one of the shops i went to which i could use to wrap the library books in.all 11 of them.i know there are 11 because the librarian pointed that out to me.i had a dreadful time at the city hall.apart from meeting an adorable old lady who was so excited hana could tell her she was 3.apart from that i completely embarrased myself with language miscommunications and it seems as my new passport now lists my middle name unlike my old one, i am not really here.hahahahahaha.
tomorrow i am meeting old friends from a little excited a little nervous.
today i made friends on facebook with a boy i liked when i was 14.he used to skateboard past my house.then i moved away.he accepted my friend request but didnt know who i was and asked me to jog his i did.facebook is a strange world.i made biscotti again this afternoon.theyre not so good.i decided to freestyle it and theyre bland.wish i could wet them and add some spice and bake again.and i finally found a firm firm so happy about if i could find a futon that stays soft.


manda said...

i just wrote a novel in your comments but deleted it.
have fun with your friends :-)
xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

hannna said...

Oh you wrote a lot! nice! Life can sound so nice. Hope the passport thing gets solved though.