two posts in one week.things are looking up.the weather has been kind, ive managed to venture past the supermarket.its done wonders for my mood.
my new shoes arrived.i little big but enough room for socks which means i can wear them in winter.

i made grapefruit jelly.i omitted the gelatine because the thought of gelatine and sweets makes me cringe (except for jupiter caramel bars) i replaced it with agar. i was so excited to get it from the supermarket and the process was quite quick.i added far too much however and it turned out like a brick.its a fine line apparently and with a little girl pulling at my leg there aint time for experimenting right now.

hana has decided she likes the world upside down recently.this is her favourite posture.

hana and seaweed.i never thought i would be carrying a packet of seaweed in my bag when i take her out but i do..


Loretta said...

nice shoes are they crocs? cute upside down girl. x x

Now the seaweed.... please.... give that poor child an

manda said...

too much cuteness. seaweed..lmao. can hana please teach sindri how to eat.