pony quilt

25 meter pony ride for little miss hana on the weekend.for 20 of those meters she was fine. for 5 not so fine.its a pain being the photographer sometimes.i was so worried about missing the good shot that i kind of missed an experience.
soon hana will be able to balance on my back to get a decent horsey ride out of me.im gonna need to make some knee pads (and maybe a stack hat for hana) because flooring hurts.

today we ventured far (to ginza- its not that far) to see an african american quilt exhibtion.
i was a bit naughty taking photos but lucky for hanas play with her own voice in big (nearly) empty space, no one knew. the compositions were so unforced, the colour combinations randomly beautiful. little stitches like snail trails.and i liked them in that giant white room.
the last photo is the window paper curtain at the same building, shisedo-ginza-tokyo.


Loretta said...

Ohhhh, how adorable is she..sam and i sitting here going ohhhhh how cuteeeeee.. x x x x x


i wish i could of gone:)