traditional japanese packaging.
meguro museum of art
must go.


hannna said...

Hello! You have found Jaime, Jaime has found you!
I have a book with this picture on the cover (How to pack 5 eggs)
I just checked 包む (my kanji memory is terrible, I'm working on a new book ぽかぽかニット)
I once asked if I could take a photo of the floor at Art and science and they said no

ashley said...

Oh my god... this kind of stuff make my heart melt. It's so beautiful

melindatrees said...

ぽかぽかニット sounds ぽかぽか :-) i wish i could understand japanese knit books.maybe i could if i tried a little harder.the last mittens i knit were from a graph.
i love jaime.her blogs are a is yours hanna (and ashley). i found her through you, thanks hanna.
i didnt ask if i could take the naughty.koichi was busy buying so i thought it was a fair trade.oops.
ashley maybe you could get the book hana it called how to wrap eggs? i wonder.. they are having a workshop at the museum like to go but its a bit too far in the future to know where i will be.

hannna said...

i shouldn't have asked... i was with a buying customer too (Yuko Y). the book i have is in finnish. Jaime first found me with her wonderful suggestion (that our daughters would become penpals). all thanks to her. her life seems so good.