manda said...

x so cute x

momo said...


I remember mine really well...such a long time ago.

Your skirt is lovely too.

hannna said...

oh miss 3 year old.
i'm curious about your book project. i'd love to have a book project. (i'm very curious, also about what area you're living in)
your knitted pants look and sound great!

melindatrees said...

momo ,you remember 3 5 or 7 or all!?
maybe hana will remember the insane photographer trying to get her to smile?
i nearly gave up on this dress and thought about cutting it up to make cushions or something.sshh.but on this day it was good.the flowers are paper and i discovered hana pulling the paper thread out as i held her to my shoulder.gasp.
hanna,ive illustrated lots of haiku for a childrens book.
it should be published late january i think.
we live in gakugeidaigaku.actually himonya.where were you in japan?
i wish you had a book project too. i love your blog.
im sure many publishers here would be interested
.if you wanted that.
the pants are amazing.hand knitted on circular needles.someone put alot of love into them.

hiki said...

so so cute!!! i guess this is before she messed up her hair?
i love claska too, but haven't been to the flea market. it sounds like fun!

hannna said...

hi! i lived in koenji for one year, studied at waseda. too long ago... i should get some kind of a sponsorship to fly me to japan at least every 2 years.
i actually had a book plan, for japan, based on the blog, 4 seasons something. i was excited about it for a while then lost faith before doing more than thinking.
i wanna see the book! who's the publisher?

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

ahhh! those little socks!

ashleyhelvey at yahoo dot com said...

o those socks!!!