tomorrow jeremy and kayo move on.they have been here for a week.hana has two bestfriends.she loves them.gets up so early and trys her hardest to keep her eyes open for as long as possible.they play with her so patientely and lovingly.i wish i could be like rushing always.but could achieve the same things i do in a day without.i need an too tired to make sense.ive been walking so much and carrying hana most of those steps im ready to break.if only i had someone to massage me unconditionally.
ive just cooked hot cross buns.the cross part isnt really visible but they taste and smell really good.
the weather has been getting less blanket on the bed tonight.the blossoms continue to float away from the trees for another year.each year i am more in awe of them.
some of the seeds are sprouting in the pots.dont know which ones but hoping hollyhock dill californian poppy all of them would be nice.
have new jeans.getting dressed will be easier tomorrow.
really tired.


Loretta said...

soon you will be here.. such a nice photo of Hana and love the one of her and Jeremy. He hasn't changed a bit over the years..

melindatrees said...