today i got to the fleamarket maybe 5 minutes too late and missed out on a huge stack of great clothes.this man stood next to me guarding his piles discussing god knows what but i was hoping it was something like i dont need all these so i will put this beautiful dark indigo aline with pleats one piece i waited and it didnt sure if i check yahoo auction tonight they will all be there.sob sob.
i found nothing wlse i wanted except the vw combi this family were selling their belongings out of.a bed, a sink probably something to cook with.what more do we need.
just some fertile dirt to park it on.
i have photos on my other camera.
i had a reallly shit meeting for a new book i am making.i was totally unprepared and couldnt find the japanese to convince him otherwise.he had to come so far on a saturday and the best thing he got out of it was the fresh orange juice.
i then went to the local flower shop which was bursting with colour and brought some of it home with me. i love spring.

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