one month and one day my sister will be here.gulp.i forgot the feeling of such excitement.i have to learn to see tokyo suprised she will be by this crazy city(ies).so many foods to be eaten, gardens to be sat at , futons to lay on, trains to be squashed in, incense to be smelt, fabrics to be touched, baths to bathe in,markets to rumage at.oh i could go on.i really do need to go on.i need to make lists because there is so much to share.nearly 5 years of these things to share in a week.gulp.


leslie said...

okay. that is super exciting. having sisters come visit. and relearning your own city. all the nooks and crannies. that you visit regularly. or have forgotten about. how fun. i hope the time flies by until she arrives!

manda said...

it will be me and hana playing boo soon :-)..maybe on a squashy tokyo train oh my god.