as always when i come back to japan from drought stricken australia it doesnt stop raining.although our house isnt a traditional japanese house actually its not even a house..the windows here do frame a beautiful green view of the adjacent park.hundertwasser was right in saying that colours are so much more vibrant and beautiful on rainy days.
its quite humid here and the only thing to enjoy about that is the smells coming out of and lingering around my box of essentail oils.
i took little hanny for a walk today, she was fascinated by the umbrella.not sure if fascinated is the right word but she did a good job of getting us both wet. i was so happy to find organic frozen peas at the supermarket. she hasnt really eaten peas and with her obsession for all things small and edible i couldnt resist. when we got home and after steaming them it was such a pleasure to drop them on her tray and watch her pick them up and eat them. that was today's highlight.watching her little fingers dancing with green peas.

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manda said...

oh so nice to hear about your days with hanny... her little fingers...ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh x