i just lost a verrry long post about nothing in particular but i have no time to write about nothing in particular again so in brief......
have two pouches and one sling.
hana loves being carried allll day.
back is broken.
pouch is adjusted and worn correctly.
hana is just heavy.
back is broken.
search long and hard for the right pram.
conditions being must be light, can be pushed facing to and away from baby, storage space.
see kate spade pram (for maclaren).
fits none of the above conditions.
is green blue and white primarily.
is quilted fabric.
has a very cute appliqued snail.
bought it.
hana doesnt mind it but still wants to be carried.
today pushed home empty pram and carried happy hana in sling.
pram becomes trolley and walking stick on wheels.


Loretta said...

Oh dear sis, your poor back, but ohhh she is adorable...
Posting at 3am arggggghhhh can't u sleep sweet sis??? x x x Loretta

melindatrees said...

hi retta. blogger clock is wrongggg thank goodness!