stuff anyone still there?
i've popped in to tell you about my shop.
it is only for a couple of weeks.
hopefully i will have enough time to clear out some of this stuff i have laden myself down with.
i wish i had the energy for a market stall, or a pop up shop or more friends to give it to.
i also wish shipping charges werent so crazy.
please take a look.

i am in tokyo at the moment.laying quite low.
it is cold which makes that easy and hard.
we will go to australia the end of this month for a long while i suppose.
or until another plan arises.
i will tell you about it when i am there.
right now all my energy goes other places.

it is hard to hang a toilet roll on a clothes hanger.

inside outside


tonight hana told me she doesnt understand anything.just out of the blue.totally seriously.she did then go on to say she understands hello and things like that.but i am not to tell her cousins..i wish i told her i didnt understand very much either but i didnt.because i didnt think of it. so i will tell her in the morning.and she probably won't understand me.



lovely wall in rushworth, victoria.

peppercorn trees were my cherry blossoms this year.


peach? blossom petals this time last year

i am sorry.incase you were wondering, i should have written sooner, that my family and i are all fine after the devastating earthquake and tsunami that hit was very very hard for me to leave japan and my husband to come back to australia. if you can please donate money to the redcross
or second harvest or help japan in anyway you can.

love, melinda.